Sunday, January 15, 2017

November 2016

November photo dump. I am trying desperately to keep up with this blog. I love having a record of things and so I hate to get behind. So instead of doing individual posts on november, Thanksgiving, and Sophia's birthday I am just going to do one. We were very busy with activities this month. I took Wyatt and Sophia to the play area at Vertuccio farm and they had a blast. The weather was perfect and Wyatt got to pick out a pumpkin for his class project. They made planters out of the pumpkins. Wyatt forgot to water his everyday so sadly it died and we had to throw it away. Wyatt is enjoying his new preschool class and has settled in. He has several good friends and the teachers are wonderful. He has a good friend named Lincoln that lives right by us. They love to play after school, before school, and every second they can. They are two peas in a pod and get along well. They both love riding quads and motorcycles and playing outside imaging together. Wyatt is still trying to master letter sounds and soon I hope to work with him on reading. Sophia is also loving her new front yard and backyard where she can play many things and see lots of friends. Living right next to the green belt and park makes it convenient to meet up with friends and we have both enjoyed that. I have to be careful though because she likes to sneak out without me knowing and I have found her outside several times the little stinker. She has really grown up and is talking a lot. She demands to say every prayer offered and has to put her own shoes on, get herself dressed, and get into her carseat all by her self. It it is cute sometimes but other times it just gets frustrating. She has the cutest little smile and laugh and I love when she wants to be held she says "Hold you". She makes giant pucker lips to give us kisses and she gives big hugs. Bailey still hasn't started dance but is really anxious to come the new year. She loves to ride her bike down the hills and jump the curbs. We are always changing and fixing her tires as a result. She is always complimented on her beautiful hair, smile, and sweet deamenor. She makes sure everyone is included and loves to surprise her family with treats and toys. She is great at sharing and loves to be included no matter what the activity is. She participated in the cutest Thanksgiving day Program her Teacher Mrs. Watts put on and did great memorizing her part. She is typically shy but comes out of her shell when it is time to perform on the stage. Bentley has met great friends and has picked up a few new things at his new school. Since we moved here he has started bringing collectible sports cards and trading them at recess or on the bus with other friends. He loves getting a new good player if he can. He loves playing basketball and tether ball at recess. He is a smarty pants and is learning the new curriculum quickly. He finished up his last season of Flag football with our wonderful team and coaches he has played with since he was four. It was sad to see the season end but I know he will have life long friends and that he will also be able to join a team in our new area. Bentley likes to play with his new friend Beckham and they like to play the x-box together, ride bikes, play catch, and hang out. In other news we celebrated my Sister in Law Kelsey by going to a new fun restaurant called The Angry Crab. It was delicious and I am glad we could wish her a happy birthday. Thanksgiving was spent at my Grandma and Grandpa Curtis' house. They were so gracious to have us all over. I made the pretzel jello salad and that was it. We had turkey, ham, potatoes, rolls, salad, green beans, and pie. It was fun watching all the little kids run around an catch up with my family and extended family. At the end of the month we celebrated Sophia turning 2! We had my parents, Heidi, Collin, Chad and Jessica's family, and Kyle with his kids over. She loved the attention and the thoughtful gifts. She loved blowing out her candles, and eating her cake. She is a tall skinny girl. Most times people can't believe she is just three because of how active she is. She keeps up with her siblings just fine and keeps us entertained. We are grateful for the spirit she adds to our family and for the sweet and sassy little girl she is. 

 Fun at the Morrison Ranch Carnival

 Face painting
 Arm painting

 We had my friend Adell and her kids over to play. This is Sophia with her son Conner
 Wyatt making projects at school

 Aunt Kelseys birthday at the Angry Crab

 Bailey at her Thanksgiving day Program

 Bentley at Bass Pro when we went to go see Santa. This was a fun day because we went to see a movie and go to dinner before with my whole family.

 Thanksgiving Day! 2016
 Wind Caves hike the day after Thanksgiving

 We joined my Cousin's Curtis, Jen, and Trent out in the dessert for some fun riding quads and motorcycles.
 Roasting marshmellows

 All the girl cousins on the Curtis side

 Happy Second birthday sweet Sophia

 Sophia with her best friend Nora

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