Tuesday, January 26, 2016

December wrap up 2016

Oreo faced Wyatt
 Not only is Bailey radiating beauty on the outside in this picture, more importantly she radiates beauty from the inside. I love to see the sweet sister, friends, and daughter she is becoming.

Bailey with the new headband her primary teacher gave her.
Wyatt at 3.75 years old
I love this picture because this is Wyatts signature pose. He is sweet as he is tough though!
Bailey posing for the Camera. She is now a big 5 year old
My sleeping angel. I am soaking in these snuggles because I know they are only little for so long.
 Most days Sophia is my little shadow. She loves to sit at my feet as I fold laundry, do the dishes, or am making dinner. Sometimes it can get annoying but most times I am grateful to have a little angel near by that smiles up at me like that.
 The kiddos entertaining themselves while Aunt Kelsey did my hair.
Cousin time with Trey
The kids decorated the Christmas tree mostly by themselves this year. I think they did a great job! It was fun because this was the first year they all wanted to be involved and stuck with it.
Bailey adding the finishing touches.
Proud of their hard work and excited to celebrate the Holiday season.
Even Sophia got in on the action. She ripped the beads down and a few ornaments but other then that she wasn't too bad with the decorations. I love watching little children get so excited and seeing their faces light up.
Decorating Gingerbread Houses with our friends the Eberts and Mckays
The kids had a blast and did a great job!
Emerson and Wyatt a good buddies and always have a blast together
I love this one of Andy and Wyatt. Andy was so good to let Wyatt rub his head and eyebrows. It was so funny.
Watching a christmas movie
Andy the saint. The kids were climbing all over him and love to be around him. Andy is now Bentleys new primary teacher. Lucky Bentley!
Bailey and Bentley had a hockey class and I was proud of the skills they both learned. 
Jon and I at an ugly sweater Christmas party with friends. 
Minute to win it cookie game is always entertaining!

Other minute to win it games. We had a blast and were laughing the whole night!
Jon, my little green elf.
Little Sophs in her Christmas pjs.
Our home teachers came over to visit and share a lesson with us. Have I ever mentioned how wonderful they are! We have been so blessed with the best Home teachers the Cox's. This particular lesson was so fun because at the end Austin opened up the towel he had on his lap the entire time and  to everyones surprise out came a sweet, cute, furry ,white, bunny. The kids were so excited!

A picture of the kids in their new Christmas pjs. We had a Family Home Evening this same night where were talked about Christ and all the gifts and blessings he has given us. We also talked about the true meaning of celebrating Christmas and of Christ's birth. I love seeing how the older ones and even Wyatt are understanding and so reverent when they talk about our savior and what he has done for us.
Cooper sleeps a lot and is getting up there in years but is still the best dog ever.
Ward Christmas Party was a blast. There was delicious enchiladas, nachos, fried ice cream. There was story telling, music, a nativity put on my the primary kids, singing, and of course Santa made a visit too.
Sophia had fun running around the gym.
The primary kids singing Christmas songs. I love how Wyatt went and stood front and center and fit right in even though he wasn't in primary yet. All the kids sang so sweetly,

They also had this cute photo booth set up with fun props. Here Wyatt and Bailey are with their friend Emerson.

Wyatt was an animal in the nativity.
Bailey was a camel in the nativity.
Bentley and his buddies watching intently.
Bailey and Wyatt in the back.
Bentley having fun!

Meeting Santa. Sophia was not impressed!
Bad parenting moment! Sophia pooped in her carseat after church so we had to strap her into Baileys seat. She was so pleased and had her cell phone like she was a big girl.
I love that whenever we get out a game to play, Sophia always sits in the boxes like their her toy boats or something.
The boys at Superstition mall riding this cool animal mobiles. They went much faster then I expected and it was funny to see them riding it.
Sophia froze like this the whole time this little ride was going. It was hilarious.
Sophia loving that she is riding on the merry go round all by herself.
Bentley chose the ferocious Tiger.
Wyatt also loving the double decker carousel.
Bailey chose to go to this mall on her 5th birthday so we could get her ears pierced and ride the carousel.
I love that cute little tongue sticking out.
The crazy hooligans running around. I love this action shot of Bailey.
Our little family moments before Wyatt went missing in a crowded mall at Christmas time!! It was so scary and I was starting to lose hope. I said multiple prayers by myself and with the kids. Jon was at the other end of the mall looking and we were having no luck. After way too long a nice couple found him wandering and took him to the information desk. We were so lucky something worse didn't happen and are Glad our Wyatt boy was found!
Bailey in her new boots and school outfit. Most days we do a braid because her hair is getting so long and it stays out of her way.
Bailey during her preschool performance.
Bailey as one of the three wisemen.
Proud of this girl for all her hard work and had fun watching her interact with her peers and teacher.
Best friend sisters. Sophia loves getting rides on the spring horse.
All bundled up in her new coat. It has been unusually cold this winter and we have actually gotten great use out of our coats.
Playing at the park. The big kids love helping Sophia navigate the play area and taking her down the slide.
Again ,thinking she is such a big girl. 
Beautiful winter day
Sophia is so funny when I push her in the swing. She wants in and seems like she is enjoying it but also tries to get out as I am pushing her like this and in the picture below. Crazy girl.

Sophia is a great eater and slurps up spaghetti like an adult. She cracks me up.
Bailey and Bentley at hockey practice.
They were so excited because Howler the Coyotes Hockey team mascot came to play hockey with them!
Me and my sweet Bentley boy. He might be growing bigger but he still loves to cuddle with his momma.
Bailey and I taking pics while we were waiting to be seated. I love this fun, spunky but sweet girl.
Sophia loved Texas road house and was enjoying trying everything from rolls to meat to corn and fruit.
Wyatt standing up so he could see the football game showing on one of the tvs in the restaurant.

I have to stop right here and mention that this was no ordinary visit to a restaurant with our family. A neat thing happened about half way through our meal. Just when I was trying to take care of four over tired and over hungry kids with Jon, and feeling like I was doing a terrible job at keeping the kids from bothering other diners, a tender mercy happened. The family that had been sitting near by us had been watching us the whole night. I just thought they were getting a kick out of watching us try to keep our children from jumping off their seats, and bugging each other . However, when the got up to leave they came over to our table to let us know that " Santa " had paid for our meal. I was confused and just let out an uncomfortable laugh. Jon didn't quite get what they meant either. Then the couple continued telling us that they were so pleased with how well behaved our children were and that they were proud of the family we were raising. It finally occurred to me that what they were saying was they wanted to thank us for being great parents by paying for our meal and not only that by tipping our waiter generously. In my head I was thinking how could they mean us, because in my opinion all I had done was tell the kids to sit down, stop bugging each other, and to eat the whole 45 minutes we had been there. Anyways, I was deeply touched by their kindness and can only pay it forward. They reminded me that although our world is filled with wickedness, it is also filled with kind hearted, good people trying to make a difference. They also made me feel as though my heavenly father was reminding me that he was proud of the work I was doing and that raising my family is the most important work I will ever do! I am Grateful for testimony builders and sweet tender mercies like these in my life. 
Visiting the Temple lights at the Mesa Temple. Love the hug Bailey is giving Bentley in this picture.

Our family all together at the temple
Love these sweet smiling faces.

I love their excitement
Sophia had fun toddling around and touching the lights.
About half way through Jon put Sophia up on his shoulders and she thought that was so funny and fun.

They love hearing about Christ and I love watching their testimonies grow as the learn and understand the sacrifice he made for them.
Her first little pony tail up high on her head.

Sophia loves watching her siblings draw and color and she keeps trying to grab the markers to "help"
Christmas Sunday best! I love these people!
A daddy and his sweet angel. Sophia loves hugs and makes the sweetest little cooing noises like she is just so content to stay there.
The kids are so good to Sophia and let her tag along with them to play.

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