Wednesday, November 11, 2015

October 2015

October was a fun month filled with lots of activities. We enjoyed a lot of park time and the weather has finally started to cool off. The kids are all growing so much and it's fun seeing their different personalities shine through. Sophia is walking more and more, Wyatt is happy to be the funny, tough, sports guy, Bailey loves performing, and drawing, and Bentley loves sports, drawing, and reading. They had their primary program in church this month and I was so proud of Bentley and Bailey for standing up in front of a whole congregation of people and saying their parts loud and clear. Bentley also sang in a small group of boys and did such a great job! There is nothing like hearing all those sweet children singing those beautiful songs!

Bailey and Bentley came with me to the my old high school Mountain Views Homecoming game. Bailey loves watching the cheerleaders and Bentley loves watching football so its a win win. My sister Heidi's good friend Bennett was also in nominated for Homecoming King so it was a fun game to attend.
 Here we are cheering Bennett on!

 Bennett being crowned Homecoming King 
 Jons loves hockey and luckily his kids like to watch it with him. 
 Wyatt work away on his toy computer. Father like son ;)
 Wyatt at his soccer game. He is doing so well!
 Here he is practicing before the game. He loves to play and has really learned a lot.
 Girls night with some good friends! We have been friends since Junior high!
 Park day
 Bentley's first time riding the dirt bike on dirt and not grass. He was having fun Jumping the jumps and going around the small track until he crashed. It took some convincing but he got back on like a champ and kept riding.
 Hair cuts by Jon
 Sophia usually ends up looking like this by the end of every meal. I feel like she needs a bath after breakfast , lunch, and dinner. She likes to feed herself more and more these days. I am trying to work with her on utensils now but most of it ends up in her lap or on the floor.
Sunday best 
 Bentley loves to read and I love to catch him in these moments.
 This is the same outfit and headband I had Bailey wear at this age. She and sophia look so different from each other as babies so it will be interesting to see what sophia looked like once she gets more hair because right now its so curly.
 I have a love/hate relationship when my kids sleep in my bed. I love to hear them breath and feel there warm body against mine, and stare at their sweet face, and admire what a miracle from god they are. But, I don't love being hit in the face, sleeping on the very edge of my bed, and waking up with a kinked neck.
 Sophia loves this rocking chair. It is so sweet to see her go climb in it to read, or play, or rock a baby doll. These kiddos adore their little sister.
 Watching hockey with dad
 Sophia recently started wanting to play out back with the older kids. She loves when the give her rides.
 Bentley is doing awesome in his games. He has had some great catches, touchdowns, and is a flag pulling machine. His coaches always tease him and say he is on fire.
 Sophia's first time swinging. She loves it to say the least. She was giggle and enjoying the nice park weather.
 Lunch date with my Bailey girl after preschool. I love one on one time with each of my kids and feel like they open up and talk so much more.
 sister bonding
 Family Scripture study
 Bentley lost his third tooth on top. He is struggling to bite anything but has enjoyed the visits from the tooth fairy. One of his permanent teeth have started coming in and lets just say Im afraid there isn't going to be room for any other teeth.
 Wyatt trying out the bikes at the store 
 My beautiful Bailey

 Sophia is really acting like a big girl now. She tries so many new things and has scared me a few times with how confident she is.
 Riding lucky the spring horse. 
 She was acting so silly this particular night
 She is so much fun and I love to hear her laugh.
 Awesome play Bentley made for the Bears. Great throw by his buddy Brock
 Enjoying the beautiful weather watching Bentley ride his motorcycle.
 Wyatt learned to ride a big boy bike all by himself. It didn't take him long at all and he loves it!
 Playing in the trees and climbing is one of my kids favorite things to do.
 Playing at the park with cousin Bo
 Wyatts preschool picture
 Bentleys 1st grade picture
 Bailey's pre-k picture

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Julianne Heywood said...

You have such a beautiful, perfect little family! And you are clearly doing an amazing job at raising them! Love Ya!