Wednesday, November 11, 2015


At the beginning of October we had the wonderful opportunity to have Wyatt and Sophia given a name and a blessing. It was a joyous occasion and the spirit was felt strongly as Jon exercised his priesthood to give wonderful blessings to both Wyatt and Sophia. They are special spirits sent to us from God and we feel so blessed to have them in our family. Sophia has such a unique personality and is always so sweet and intuitive. I feel like she already understands much of what we say to her. Wyatt brings a light hearted and humorous spirit to our home. He is rowdy but also very loving at the same time. My sweet parents were able to come be apart of this occasion and also Uncle Collin. Brother Farnsworth from the ward bishopric was also there and we are so grateful for their participation in each of the blessings. I am pleased with Jon and the way he is living his life to be able to worthily use his priesthood. I am grateful to have it in my home and I know it is the true power of God here upon the earth.

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