Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A sister for Bailey!

This month we were able to find out the gender of our sweet little baby. At a previous appointment the doctor told us he thought it might be a boy! We were all excited except Bailey. She cried and cried that she needed a sister and that the baby needed to be a girl. I tried talking to her about how we don't get to pick and that we are just blessed to be able to have sweet babies come to our family. We started throwing around boy names and picturing life with another boy in our family. For this appointment I felt like I wanted us all there as a family to find out the official gender. You can imagine our surprise when the doctor said it was 100% a girl! I was shocked but knew before he even said anything. He kept moving the ultrasound wand around on my belly trying to get a good between the leg shot. He took his time but when he finally stopped and focused I knew I didn't see any boy parts. Bailey was so excited and so were the rest of us. You see even though Jon and I were perfectly happy with either gender; both of us wanted a sister for bailey's sake. Jon grew up with all sisters, and I mostly grew up surrounded by boys until I was 12. We both felt left out at times and even still because of these numbers. We are so happy that she will have a sister close growing up! Bentley is a numbers kid already and didn't like that the numbers were not going to be even so this made him happy that there would now be three boys and three girls in our family. We celebrated by going to one of our favorite lunch spots and eating a pink cupcake to celebrate this sweet angel coming to our family. We took a picture and announced to our family and friends the good news! We feel so much gratitude that she is healthy so far and that we are able to add another special gift from our heavenly father to our family!

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