Wednesday, June 18, 2014

May Birthdays, Mothers Day, and Memorial Day!

This year we celebrated my dads birthday with pizza, dessert, and presents. He is hard to buy for so we usually just get him something he tells us about. We are grateful for my dad and all that he does for us. Mothers day is always right on or after my dads birthday. This year they fell on separate days. Jon surprised me with a porch swing and. We have loved having it and it is very relaxing. He also sent me some delicious chocolate covered strawberries and flowers that made my day:) The kids made me cards and Bentley got me a cute picture frame with his picture in it and a puzzle heart with the words I love you to pieces. It was fun to receive extra recognition and have the kids spoil me for a day:) We went over to my parents and also celebrated with my family. I am so thankful to be so surrounded by so many influential, sweet, loving, hardworking women. My mom is an angel and I am so blessed to have her be my mom! For memorial day we went up to Chad and Jessica's with the whole extended family. It was crowded but thats how we do things with our clan:) We had fun enjoying the afternoon rain storms, the cold weather, the animals, playing baseball and football, going swimming in the heated club house pool, playing pool, ping pong, and air hockey, going to the lake to fish, and riding go carts at the family fun park. Mostly we just enjoyed each others company! The highlights of the trip were Bentley catching his first fish, catching a wild bunny that Bailey fell in love with, ranger rides, bike rides, and visiting! Chad and Jessica are so generous to open up their home to us all and they are the best hosts! We are grateful for them and their cute family. In other news Heidi went to her first prom and looked beautiful! Her date surprised her and they flew in a jet to the dance. Pretty cool if you ask me. We celebrated my brother Kevin's 25th Birthday with a BBQ and swim party. He doesn't live here anymore so we were glad he was in town for his birthday! The rest of May we just tried to get a hang of this summer schedule and started swimming a lot:) Its over 100 everyday so most things we do involve water:)

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