Wednesday, June 18, 2014

June activities, birthdays, and Fathers day!

June has been tiring and fun so far. Being pregnant in this summer heat really slows me down because I feel so tired all the time. I feel like I need to have nap every day but of course those are hard to come by with three children. I signed the kids up for swim lessons. I had to get in for Wyatt's class which was annoying because the class is only 30 minutes long and I feel like I need to go to my moms house and swim to get use out of my hair being wet.I felt like Bentley learned a ton and is swimming very well, but Bailey and Wyatt's teacher didn't really push them to do anything but play and find treasures. I will have to work with the younger two to get them swimming without floaties but if it doesn't happen this summer I won't stress because they have a blast swimming around with their floaties. We go to my moms house most days to swim or go swimming with friends. We also have been to a couple splash pads but the kids don't last too long with those. We got to go to a fun swim party put on by a local orthodontist friend of my dads. It was a blast with free pizza, shaved ice, snacks, and drinks. We got to have all access to the Rhodes pool and ride the flow rider. The flow rider is a unique machine that sprays a wave to simulate surfing or body boarding at the beach. Bentley tried it this year with Jon and they both did great! Other than that the kids have been coloring, reading, playing, and watching movies. Bentley also got to go to a fun Summer camp with his friend Brock. In other news I was a able to attend the sealing of a beautiful couple in my ward. They are perfect for each other and it was such a neat day. Wyatt also has decided to start potty training. I am in no way ready for this but he seems pretty adamant. He does pretty well but there are still so many accidents that it is hard not to just tell him no. He is my most independent child and gets himself pretty much anything he needs. He likes to dress himself , get food himself and so on. We got to celebrate fathers Day this past sunday. It is fun to spoil Jon and give him cards letting him know what a great dad he is. We got him a body board, fins, a rash guard, and almond Roca(a new favorite candy of his). I thought it would be fun to get him these things since we will be going to the beach this next week. He loved the surprises and we all had a nice day celebrating our dads! I made some sugar cookies as well and we went to my parents to visit with them. This year my mom didn't want us to do anything for her birthday since she is trying to get ready for our upcoming family trip to Newport Beach. I told her there was no way I would skip celebrating her on her special day! I made her a chocolate cake that she loves and got her a new griddle for her kitchen. We sang happy birthday and the kids made her cards. Bentley actually did a really great job on his and it it took him two days to finish it. I have said it before but I will say it again, we are all so lucky to have my mom in our lives. She loves us, has fun with us, serves us, and cares about us.

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