Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Mothers Day!

This year on mothers day it was so nice being surrounded by all the people I love and that love me! They made the day extra special by serving me a delicious breakfast with an omelet, bacon, and orange juice. Jon also spoiled me this year by getting me an Ipad, and a Maid service to come clean my house. Both of which will come in handy very soon because I am getting back surgery on Wednesday the 16th of May! I will be out of commission for awhile and this scares me to pieces. I am glad to know my home will get a deep clean and that I will be entertained though! We went to church where some of the youth in our ward gave great talks on what they have learned from their moms and it was very touching to hear. One girl said she asked her mom if there was one piece of advice she could give what would it be. Her mom told her to stay close to the savior. This touched me to the soul. I have been worrying myself about how everything and everyone will get taken care of with my upcoming back surgery. I needed that reminder in church that when I stay close to my savior, he will help me get through anything. I am also humbled at my friends and family who have offered their help! I will be forever grateful for all of you and your kindness! We also went to my moms house where she (on her mothers day she was still giving giving giving) made a delicious cafe rio style meal and shortcake for dessert. It was soooo good. She is my angel and I couldn't ask for a better example to follow. We had fun visiting with everyone and watching the crazy kiddos play together! I am so grateful for all the wonderful examples of mothers that surround me and for the service they have given me over the years. I am grateful for the opportunity I have been blessed with to be a mother to my own children. The humble me everyday but I love those precious souls so much! Me and my two handsome boys. I am So lucky!
This is the true madness that goes on haha.... no body looking, babies screaming.
Bailey the princess
Bailey the sassy girl:)
our sweet wyatt
He is 7 weeks and loves to coo and visit. He is so much fun to stare at and get cute smiles from!
Bentley boy is such a smarty these days. Always pointing out words, letters, shapes, and colors to me everywhere we go. He has also started tracing letters and spelling his name out loud.
My little crazy girl:)
Bailey loves to help bounce wyatt. Sometimes its a little scary but I think its so sweet when she trys to take care of him.
Me and my sweet angels after a nice mothers day nap!
I love Wyatts smile in this one.
Bentley has hit a growth spurt and is tall and skinny. He loves ride his bike, play wrestle, watch movies, and is quite independent these days.


Discover said...

It is an important day.I respect this day.

see and know

Julz said...

You are in my prayers today! I hope everything goes well and that you have a speedy recovery! You are right, the savior will help you through anything! Love you!