Monday, May 14, 2012

Baby Blessing for our nephew Trey and Wyatt at 3 weeks

Me and my cute boys!
Baby Wyatt at 3 weeks
Baby Trey in his blessing outfit. He was asleep most of the time and I almost forgot to get one of this cute boy!
Brody and Collin eating there bbq
All of the cute grandkids
Tate is such a great babysitter already. He must take after his dad, the baby whisperer:)
Collin with some of the grandkids.
First family picture of all five of us!
four generations
Jessica always making something delish!;)
four generations
Rexy Roo being silly
Colby, Bentley , and j chowing down on the yummy food.
My little angels
Bailey was trying her best to get away from me.
Jon, Chad , and Grandpa West
Grandma and Grandpa Curtis
Me and my girly
My handsome boy always on the go
Princess Bailey in her Easter dress
Bentley and Belle
Collin and J
We were able to go see my brother Kyle bless his first baby on April 15, 2012. He was born one month before Wyatt so we are lucky to have a close cousin in age for Wyatt to play with when they are older. Kyle gave a wonderful blessing and Kelsey bore a thoughtful testimony. They are such great parents and baby Trey is such a cutie. We are so lucky to live close to family! After we went to a luncheon at Kelsey's parents home where we ate yummy bbq sandwiches, potato salad, chips, dips, and more. The kids played and ran wild as usual while the adults visited. Wyatt is now 3 weeks and is such a good baby. I always thought nursing was the hardest thing about being a mom to a newborn but wyatt has proved me wrong. He is doing leaps and bounds better then my other two ever did. Happy baby= happy momma:) He is such a blessing and pretty much eat, sleeps, and poops. He is having more awake time now though and will stare at me and turn his head towards the different sounds going on around him. Bentley and Bailey still mostly ignore him but when they do want to see him they are soft with him and pat his little head and give him kisses. Bailey even started carrying around her baby doll and swaying like I do with wyatt and patting it's back. I am so grateful for my little family of 5 and although being a mom is not for wimps, it is a lot of hard work, I wouldn't change a thing.

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