Friday, November 04, 2011

Bailey and Bentley are growing up too fast!!!

Bailey trying to help me update the blog :)
Bailey and cousin Juliette hanging out together why Jess and I made cookies. They both have the most beautiful blue eyes!
This was a sad day for our family! I am an animal lover and had our dogs Cooper and Maverick before having any kids. Naturally they became part of our family. Fast forward three years... with two kids and one on the way, this family dynamic was no longer working for Maverick ( our youngest, little yorkie). He is so adorable and cute which made it hard to make this decision. He has always needed A LOT of attention and love which was easier to give when I wasn't so busy. After over a year of thought and prayer we decided the best place for him was with a lady who heads the yorkie rescue foundation. She takes dogs and places them in the best situation for them. I was sad to realize our home no longer was a good fit. It was hard to also give him away because both Bailey and Bentley loved to play with him. I know in the long run this is the right decision, but it has caused some heartache for all of us. Bentley still wakes up every day asking for Mav! I sadly tell him the same story, that he is in a better place. I know life is full of joys and sadness and this is just going to be hard for awhile. I took this pic right before we took him to the ladies house.
Bailey girl loves to explore outside now.
Bentley all sweaty from playing football with his cousins, and uncles.
Bailey now has six teeth and the cutest smile in the world
Bentley's new thing when he is in a daze is to put his fingers on his teeth. It drives this germ-aphobe mom crazy!
Little princess
Bentley is already a back seat driver and likes to tell me where to turn and go!
Handsome boy!
I love her piercing blue eyes!
Family picture
These two love to entertain at meal times!
She loves wearing daddy's hats
Bailey still loves bath time
Couldn't resist snapping a shot of these two cuties. They always fight over bath toys
My sweet angel
Bailey is now 10 1/2 months and growing up way too fast. She gives kisses, walks!, says mama and dada along with other jibberish, she pretty much tries anything Bentley does and is always on the go. She will put up a good fight and try to steal Bentley's toys from him like cars, basketballs, or the wii remote. I swear she thinks she knows how to play the wii and will hold the controler and play along with Bentley. She has six teeth now and she will eat almost anything as long as it is cut up small. She loves to cuddle and has her daddy wrapped around her little finger. She knows how to get her way and can make a pretty cute pouty face! We love her and she brings so much joy to all of us.
Bentley is so smart. He loves to read and knows all of his letters, numbers 1-10, animals, and is starting to recognize shapes. He will even remind me about family night and will bring the copy of our Ensign (church magazine) and set it on my lap. He points out pictures of Jesus, and the temples. He is a tender hearted boy and wants to do what is right. He loves to play the wii with mom and dad. He mostly just bubbles but thinks it is so fun. He loves playing at the park, playing with friends and cousins, and going places. The big obstacle for him and us right now is potty training. I think I will just bite the bullet and get him into his big boy underwear. It just stinks that he hates the toilet and screams when I bring him near it:( He is a fun big brother and with entertain Bailey. Sometimes he gets to rough and tries to tackle and wrestle her. He is so good to let me know when she is in danger of going up the stairs or has fallen down. Bailey loves Bentley and I can tell they will be great friends.
I am now twenty weeks along and this baby boy is getting big fast! I am still doing ok as far as pregnancies go but I wish my back worked better. I keep busy with the kids, life, callings in church, friends, and family.

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