Sunday, July 03, 2011

Newport beach 2011

My parents planned another amazing Beach trip and we had so much fun being with family. I was worried how crazy it would be with two kids this year but it went even better then last year. Bentley played for the most part on his own with his cousins doing things like digging holes, building sand castles, catching crabs, jumping off the lifeguard tower, playing on the jetties, playing in the waves and soaking up the sun. Jon was able to be there most the time and drove back and forth to San Diego for work. It was nice having him around and we just loved having him there. The boys, tiffany, mikenna, and heidi went boogie boarding and played football in the waves. The rest of us enjoyed staying warm, visiting, and soaking up the sun. We hit up all our favorite spots like, Huntington, Janes corn dogs, tutti frutti, crab cooker, chronic taco, Bjs pizza, and of course sea side donuts, and all the many ice cream shops. We played at the parks, had a fun bonfire, rode bikes, went for walks, people watched, and just relaxed. side note: the people watching can be very interesting! Bailey also loved the beach and did better than I thought. She would just lay in our shaded tent and play with toys or sit in the bumbo and watch the water and commotion. The kids escaped the patio a few times but I am glad to say everyone made it through the week safely. The kids played hard and had tons of fun sharing......not! haha, but hey thats just part of getting all the kids together. I love being around family and am so thankful for such a fun trip.
After a week in Newport I took the kids, and Heidi with me to San Diego. We stayed a few days and went to Sea World, the beach, and saw Cars 2. Needless to say with all that fun came exhaustion. The kids have both been sick and I hate when we have to leave Jon because I have noticed the kids get seperation anxiety. Its so sad but I hope our time apart wont have to last much longer.
Bentley is definitely experiencing terrible twos. It is a battle of patience in our house lately. Bentley has to be patient with me and I have to be patient with him. I am not winning and have been really upset with myself. I pray everyday to gain more patience and deal with his tantrums better. He really is a sweet loving boy but is in a stage thats all. He just gets frustrated when he cant do something or convey what he wants to me. I get frustrated when he gives up on me when I don't understand him right away. Anyway just some thoughts. Bentley loves loves loves little toy cars. He takes them with him everywhere and even sleeps with one in each hand. He likes to dance and sing when music he likes is on. He even sings the church hymns with me. He is having a hard time watching Bailey become interested in his toys but is slowly learning to share. He is tall and skinny and very handsome.
Bailey is 6months and she is getting very wiggly and vocal. She loves to be on the move whether its rolling, jumping in her exersaucer, or just kicking and waving her hands. People always comment on what a pretty big smile she has and how happy she always is. She is such a sweetheart and my heart just melts when she looks at me with those blueberry eyes. She has been teething and so that has disrupted her normally easy going nature but she is still handling things like a champ. Still no teeth. It seems as though my kids get really sick ( vomiting, diarrhea, painful gums, drooling, fevers) when they are teething. Bailey loves to gibber jabber and she does it very loud these days. She is so funny and will express how she feels by either laughing loudly or grunting loudly. We love her and she is our angel. She has tried many baby foods now and doesn't particularly like any of them but hopefully that will change.
I am still trying to get answers on my back. I get a steroid injection this week to see if that helps but if not I will probably end up getting surgery again which is not fun. I just want to be able to be active again and not so limited on what I can do with the kids and exercise ect.
Jon is working hard in San Diego. Nothing new there, just pounding out the sales and making sure everything is running smoothly on the behind the scenes end of things. His guys are doing really well which is good and the summer is already half over. yay!!!!!

The best smile he would give me. I guess I have to remember he has been sick all week and in a lot of pain from teething and an infection in his mouth that caused it to break out in cankers!

He pinched his finger in the train tracks. Poor boy:( He gets the biggest alligator tears instantly. Both my kids do.

Bentley loves playing with toy trains too! He has been really sick all week and it was good to see him playing again.

Having fun in her exersaucer. She just loves to jump and play with the toys.

Bentley likes to show Bailey how the toys work. He is a great big brother.

Her new favorite toy!

Haha Bentley. He is so funny and asked me to change him on the baby change table after I put Bailey in her PJ's.

Look at all that drool from my teething baby girl. Still no teeth though

Little sweetheart I tell ya!

Bentley doing what he loves best. Driving his toy cars all around. He likes to line them up everywhere. It is so cute to watch

Bailey giving up and just falling alseep instead.

Bailey bummed dad won't give her a bite of his donut

Bailey looking at Jons Seaside Donut wanting a bite. mmmmm those things are delicious. I think we had them just about once a day!

Kevin trying surfing out. Jon brought his board with him.

My happy little princess. I just love her!

Beach babes soaking up the sun. My mom and Heidi

Bentley is not having fun anymore now that Caleb put a Crab close to him. He is not as brave as Belle Belle

Bentley getting buried in the sand.

Looking back at the waves disgusted that they just drenched him. haha

Very mad that Jon dropped him in the waves. He likes to play in the waves knee deep, not chin deep!

Running as fast as he can away from the water.

Jon trying to calm Bentley down after a wave covered him.

Bentley enjoying playing in the waves with Jon

Brody, Corina, Collin, and Caleb roasting smores by the fire. What a relaxing fun night.

My mom with her little buddy Rex

Mikenna, heidi, Collin, and Caleb

Jess staying warm by the fire with her kiddos.

J enjoying the sunset

Jon and Bailey keeping warm by the fire

My Dad and brother Michael getting the bonfire going.

Bentley and Tate visiting while they make smores

Jon and the kids walking to the bonfire we had

gorgeous sunset

My beach babe!

The family hanging out visiting and boogie boarding.

Tyler and his girlfriend Tiffany

Bentley loved the beach this year

He would dig and build things in the sand and run at the waves and play in the water.

Kevin and Annabelle. Annabelle is the bravest little girl I have ever met. She just let the crabs, no matter the size, crawl all over her. She would put them in her pocket and say " no crab, stop trying to pinch me". She even got pinched a few times but that didn't deter her from being obsessed with them.

Brody and Tate searching for sea creatures to catch.

Bentley loved climbing on the jetties.

Bentley digging holes in the sand with his cousins. It's funny how this can keep kids entertained for hours:)

Chad and Jess brought their parachute and we started using it to toss some of the kids in the sky. They loooovvvved it.

It was so funny to watch them! Taters

Little J

Little J

My sweet angel.

Bentley and Jon. I interrupted their crab and starfish hunting.

All the boys looking for Crabs and starfish as the tide comes in and sun goes down.

My gorgeous mom. Thanks for planning such a fun trip!

Amber and her cute baby Colby! He and Bailey are four days apart.

My dad and Tyler putting the new tandem bike together.

My cute, mischievous two year old.

Enjoying the nice weather with my family.

Bailey Babe enjoying the sunshine

Kevin and Tyler hanging out. They rode the new tandem bike.

Bentley loved riding this little bike around all the people.

Bentley and Jon. Bentley loved his first Janes corn dog.

Collin proud of his corn dog:)

Chad and Jessica's cute family eating Janes goodies!

Michael helping his boys doctor up their corn dogs at Janes!

Jon and Bentley getting excited for their treats to come out!

Chad and his daughter Annabelle in beautiful Newport!

Rex definitely enjoyed his Balboa bar!

Heidi with cute little Juliette, chad and jess's girl.

Kyle and Kelsey enjoying Janes corn dogs!

Getting ready to go on a walk to the pier with our family.

Bailey all set in her sunglasses and sun hat. She loves going for walks! she even fell asleep on the way.

Bentley not so happy at first to be strapped in but once he realized all the other kids were going with, he cheered right up.


Jen West said...

That looks amazing and like so much fun! I love seeing pictures of all the family.

Chad said...

Brings me right back to Newport. I wish we could just stay there for a whole month. I love that place. Thanks for taking so many pics!

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