Saturday, March 05, 2011

Bentley boy turned two

Having so much fun on the pony Grandma and Grandpa Curtis got you. You like to show off on this cute Pony named Lucky
Getting ready to smash the ball across the room with your new bat set.

Opening Presents
The two babes getting big together
Singing happy birthday!
Bentley's friend Dean
Bentley's friend Parker
All the kids lined up to play pin the tail on the donkey
Bentley enjoying his party
All the kiddos eating their pizza
cousin Tate
Happy Birthday boy!
Great Grandma Curtis gave you a two dollar bill and a thomas the train book you love!
Bailey slept through almost the whole thing.

Our curious, particular, routine oriented, funny, athletic, adorable little boy turned two on February 10! We threw a small birthday party for him at my moms house that he invited his cousins and a couple of friends to. It turned out to be a success! I planned games, we ate pizza, and we had yummy cupcakes. The little kids were better than I though at listening when I explained each game. We played pin the tail on the donkey, balloon pop, cake walk, and let the kids run wild. He got spoiled as usual by everyone and had so much fun. He is such a smart little boy and is learning new vocabulary everyday. He loves to copy us so we have to be careful what we do and say. He loves to play with other kids and his new favorite is watching movies. Every morning he gets up and says "Mooie" " juice". Other things he likes are kicking and throwing sports balls of any kind, riding his bike, and going outside for walks. He is starting to color and play with playdough as well. We are so lucky to have such a sweet little boy.

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