Thursday, October 01, 2009

Trip to California!

Jon was making a trip to california for some business so we decided to make a family trip out of it. Our friends Riley and Lisa were so gracious to allow us to stay at their place. We enjoyed playing games with them, eating, and going to the beach. There son Kingsley was so good to play with Bentley as well. We had so much fun going to the park because Bentley loved every minute of it. He was all smiles. The beach was also fun but more difficult to keep Bentley from crawling everywhere. He is so active now. What happened to my little boy is all I have to say. Hope all is well with everyone.

Bentley and I with my good friend Brittany

Sand Monster

Bentley loved the sand. I had to restrain myself from grabbing him to let him crawl through the sand

Bentley also loved the water

At the beach. Jon and Bentley got hit by a huge wave.

Mommy and Bentley

Look at those long legs

Our little family

This was a big tall tree we put Bentley in. He wasn't sure about being up that high.

Daddy and Bentley

Bentley loved the parks in California. He especially like the swing and slide that daddy took him on.


Ry and Britt Devine said...

I'm glad I got to see y'all! It's always a pleasure. Bentley makes me so happy..but don't feel un-loved because you and Jon make me happy too.

The best part about the beach was that Bentley ate the sand and he liked it so much,that he just keep eating.

My chest has officially gone bye bye. That picture is scary.

Julz said...

My babies have all eaten loads of sand, they poop it and go back for more!

Looks like you guys had a fun time!

Ian and Kristin said...

Those pictures in the park are so cute! Love his smile!

Candace Heyman said...

Looks like a ton of fun! I love that photo of you and Bentley at the park. You're so skinny and Bentley is getting so big!