Sunday, October 11, 2009

Suprise visit and oct. update.

We had so much fun getting together with family the last week in Sept. Chad and Jessica came into town and we did fun things the whole week. Unfortunately after that week Jon got sick with a cold and then soon after so did Bentley and I. This season is not going to be fun with all the sickness that is going around. I feel like keeping me and my family quaranteened to our house but I know that can't happen. I have become quite the germ freak especially since Bentley is now all over the place. Anyways, I hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the fall season. I sure am and I love love love the weather.

Bentley boy... You have been sick this whole past week. It has been exhausting to say the least but you are starting to be your old self again. Bentley had a 102.6 fever for three days, a runny nose, and a cough. I was scared he might have the well talked about swine flu but we took him to the doc and he just had a really bad cold in combination with his four top teeth coming in that was creating such a high fever. He is doing better though.

My sick little boy): He is wearing an Oilers Hockey outfit that Jon loves of course. His team won last night against Montreal so I thought I would let Bentley represent.

All the kiddos eating cinnamon rolls at Michael and Ambers house. They held a fun family night for us all and we had so much fun. Thanks youguys.

What a cutie. I just love your smile Bentley.. even though getting teeth is no fun at all. You now have your bottom two and top four. My good friend lindsey gave him this outfit and i love it.. thanks again linds!

Party at the park! We had fun playing on the playground, playing catch with the football, eating pizza and cupcakes, visiting, and watching the quail.

We took a photo like this about 16 years ago and thought it would be fun to re- create the shot.

Silly shot. we were having so much fun....j/k... my brothers were embarrased

Grandkids; Brody, Tate, Annabelle,Rex, Bentley, Chad jr.

All the grandkids on the slide. There are two photos because it was hard to get one with all of them looking(:

Benltey and cousin Tate going down the slides.

Tate on the panda.. He has the look like "why doesn't this thing go faster"

Rex on the spring horse

Belle wanted to swing too and cousin Rex was in the other baby swing so she shared with Bentley.

Once again Bentley loved the swing.

Chad, Jessica, and their two kids suprised us and came all the way from SanFrancisco to suprise everyone. It was so fun to have them here.

Bentley and his cousin Belle. Bentley loves to hang with Annabelle. she is so sweet with him.

Aunt heidi and Uncle Collin with Bentley and Belle

Chad Jr. He has such cute coloring and is the most mild manner baby I've ever seen.

Bentley and cousin Chad Jr. They are both big boys and will be such good friend.

Uncle Collin making sure Bentley does fall back. He is such a great helper(:

Yes.... bentley is now climbing up stairs.... scary because he can't come back down yet. He is so proud of himself and likes to climb to the top and smack his little fingers on the wood floor.


Tim and Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh I remember that slide picture. I'm dying! That is hilarious. Chad jr. is huge! Sorry everyone has been sick. When Kyle is teething it's like there is a demon coming out of him, so I feel your pain.

Kyle never learned to crawl down the stairs, even though he knew how to crawl up them. He can finally walk down them, but has started to refuse doing it because the other day he watched his cousin Sadie fall down them at our house!!

Julz said...

That slide picture is so funny I know the exact picture you are talking about from 16 years ago, wasnt it from Grandmas house?

Saedi Oldham said...

Holy cow, I cannot believe how BIG Bentley is now!!! Oh man, it bums me out that he has changed so much since I saw you guys last!!! What a darling little guy you have!

Chad and Jess said...

We had so much fun on that visit. I can't wait until we are all back there hanging out!

Rachel Miller said...

I loved all the cute pics! Our boys are growing up way too fast!!! I'm glad Bentley is feeling better. Poor Baby! And I can't believe his four top teeth have come in. Wow!

The Fuller Family said...

Your family is getting so big. So many grandkids. Bentley is growing so fast too. He is such a cutie.