Thursday, November 20, 2008

Lunch with friends!

I am so excited that my good friends Kristen and Corrine live in Utah again. I met up with them to go to lunch and I had so much fun catching up and visiting. After lunch Corrine had to go back to work so Kristen and I decided to go shopping. It was for home decor and baby things mostly. We both found cute stuff so hopefully I can decide where to hang it on my wall(: I am so mad I forgot my camera that day. After that Kristen was going to head up to Bountiful with Corrine so I offered to watch her cute dog. She has a Yorkie and I do too so thought my dogs would enjoy a friend. My dogs thought they were getting a new brother I bet. They were so funny together but had lots of fun. Maveric was even depressed the next day when duke had to leave.

I had a blast with the dogs. They chased eachother around all night

I don't know how Jon got them to line up so nicely but they did while he took pics.

Duke looking over at Maveric wondering what is this guy doing.


Duke and Maverick getting ready to box


Anonymous said...


I remember one time I helped Grandma make burp cloths. Those were pretty easy. I bet you could make those. See you in December!


Anonymous said...

Oh Christi that is so funny!!! You made the corners on the blanket just like you have on yours i wonder if he will love it as much as you the yours ( do you still have yours) The Blanket is SO cute !!!