Monday, October 20, 2008

Back with my Cute Hubby!

Well when I got back to Utah Jon was finally home from his long summer of work. He did such a great job and I am so proud of him. It is wonderful being back with him! We have been very busy getting things ready for the baby and finishing things up with our landscaping ect. Jon and I found a cute blue, brown, and white baby bedding set that we got our little one and we are excited to get his room put together. I am so lucky I have a husband that likes to do these things with me because I am not much of a decorator. This last week my dad and my brother Michael came up to Utah to go Moose hunting. They hunted for three days and got one! Great job michael! They were so worn out because they hiked all over up by Ogden. I was glad they got one early because then the last few days they were here they came to stay at our house. We ate at Tucano's ( It's a brazilian restaurant and Michael served his mission in Brazil), then we went to the BYU bookstore and bought some fun stuff for the fam back home. We also went for a beautiful drive thats not to far from our house. Kevin went on a horse back ride a couple weeks ago in this area and told us about it. The leaves were so beautiful. They were red, orange, yellow and green. We went for a short walk and looked at the trout in the stream. Cooper and maverick came with us and loved roaming the wilderness. We saw some deer and Cooper started chasing after them. He is such a curious dog. Other than that Jon got his Harley Motorcycle and comes up with all sorts of reasons to go ride it. He does look very cute on it but I just hope he is safe :). I am doing well and my belly is growing by the day. Our little boy loves to move around and stretch his arms and legs. I can't wait! Hope all is well and all these updates on the blog catch you up.

Michael, My dad, Kevin, and Jon in front of Tucano's

Me and my dad!

Look at that belly. sorry about the side ways pics.

more scenery:)

I let Jon take me for a ride on his bike. I was quite nervous but it was so fun!

My dad and Kevin with maverick

Michael, Jon, and My dad

Beautiful mountains

The colors were so bright

Michael pointing out the trout in the stream

Jon and I in front of the pretty tree's

Jon with his buddy Maverick

Jon on his new bike. He looks so tough:)He also has the black lether jacket to go with it

It is a Harley Davidson Dyna in Black, Silver, and REd.

Me and Michael on our drive. These pics aren't so flattering of me. Oh well:)

Me, Jon, and our doggies!


Tim and Jennifer said...

What beautiful leaves! You can't even tell you're pregnant in half of these pics. What a lucky girl! Tim is jealous of the Harley. Make sure Jon wears a helmet :).

Saedi Oldham said...

You guys are so cute. I can't wait to see the Nursery!

jon & kara said...

Wow what an eventful summer. I wish the leaves would change color in AZ too it's beautiful. Jon is so jealous as well, he always tells me how someday he's going to bring a motorcycle home. And thanks the blankets are the easiest things to make you can do it in one night. You just buy one yard of the really soft fabric now I can't think of the exact name but they have a little section. Then buy a yard and a half of a silky fabric I recommend using a silky fabric with flannel on the back if they have it, it helps make the blanket have a little more body and keeps the two fabric together better. Then cut the two fabrics into any size you want that makes a normal blanket size, my last one was about 38in by 30in. Just make sure they are even. Then cut six inch strips of the silky fabric to make the trim. Sew the strips together. Then fold them over and iron it. Now make the ruffle for the trim. Ask me if you don't know how. Now once the trim is ruffled sew it with a straight stitch onto the soft fabric. The side that will be showing to the edge of the trim. Now add the silky fabric, silky side in facing the soft side with the trim on it. and leave a section unsewing to turn it inside out. Then you can hand finish or i find it easier just to sew it even though a small part shows a seam. Okay this is ridiculous I'm sorry and it doesn't even sound easy now that I say it all. Just call me and I can walk you through it.

Ry and Britt Devine said... really got all caught up with those posts.

I'm sure Jon is super excited about his bike, but tell him to be so safe. I always hate when motorcyclists pass me by on the freeway and zoom by like they don't have to follow the rules. ANNOYING!

Jenna said...

cute pics

Natalie and Logan said...

Pretty pictures! It's good to see you guys are back and I bet its really fun getting ready for the baby. We'll have to get together sometime and go on a double date.

Chad and Jess said...

What do you mean your belly's growing? It looks tiny! That just means you get to feel every elbow and kick a little bit more. Can't wait to see you!

Jamie said...

You look great Christi. You are still so tiny! Your pictures look so good, did you guys get a new camera?

Curtis Heyman said...

awesome pictures! tell jon I need a riding buddy!

Brett and Rachel said...

Christi, you are such a cute prego girl! I love the belly pics. And those pics of the leaves make me jealous. Beautiful!