Wednesday, June 04, 2008


When I posted our Cancun pictures back in January I just realized I didn't put any underwater pictures on there. Jons parents have great under water camera's so we got wonderful shots of all the sea life. Scuba Diving was a amazing and we saw turtles, all sorts of cool fish, eels, and more. It is so relaxing under the water (especially when I got my breathing down). I know this is kinda random but I am going to post the pictures now....WEll some of them....there were so many!


Tim and Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, the pic of Jon in spandex is hilarious. Those pics are so cool, I'm glad you put them up.

Saedi Oldham said...

Wow, those really are amazing!

Trint&Chanel said...

Yeah your underwater pictures do look awesome. As far as the swimming lessons going they have been cancelled the last two days because its been raining but she loves going and at least its making her not scared of the water. Looks like you guys are having fun and at least maybe its warm there! Aurora misses seeing Cooper! Talk to you soon!