Wednesday, June 11, 2008

ABC's about Jon!!!!!

I just have to let my friends Kylee and Lacey know that I have been tagged many times and not done them once so they should be proud!!haha

A- ATV of choice? A Honda of some kind(he is huge on brand loyalty) He loves riding
B- Born? Jonathan Eric Anderson was born on April 25, 1982
C- Cookies or Candy? Both.. Jon loves oatmeal raisin cookie dough and any sour candy
D- Date of Choice? Jon loves to go watch movies ( with his popcorn of course) or do something active like play hockey or go bowling.
E- Essential Item? Jon has his I-phone hooked to his hip. It pretty much entertains him bc it has his GPS on it, google maps, games, music... you name it.
F- Favorite Foods? NY strip steak, and sushi
G- Gas or Diesel? I would say gas but for some reason even though diesel is more expensive, Jon says that it is better in the long run and would like to get a diesel truck some day. I would have to disagree(:
H- Hobbies? Jon is a busy body, he likes to do almost everything but mostly he loves any sports(Hockey), business ideas, inventing, and dirt biking.
I- favorite ice cream? He loves cookies dough
J- Jon's current job? Jon is a manager of a team of guys that sale home security systems out here in NYC
K- Kids? none yet, hopefully soon
L- Last vacation? Jon and I went to Cancun over Christmas! It was a blast
M- Morning person or Night owl? Night owl most definately? Anyone who knows me knows I hate this quality because I am the opposite and despise staying up late.
N- Number of Siblings? Three sisters!
O- OCD or Sloppy? This one is hard because when he makes the time he can definately be organized but when he is busy he lets things get a little messy.
P- Pet peeves? when people slurp their soup or cereal.
Q- Quiet or Loud? Jon is a loud person in the sense that he has this voice that is so loud I don't think it is possible for him to whisper.haha
R- Restaurants? Outback, Costa vida, Happy Sumo, Tucanos
S- Sports? Any but mostly Football and Hockey
T- Tight wad or Spender? Definately a spender, I am more of the tight wad and have to remind him to be frugal.
U- Unknown Fact? Jon likes to make up songs for me and sing them. He also likes to dance with me.
V- Vegetables? Jon likes broccoli and colflower(spl?)
W- Worst Habit? Procrastination
X- xtra curricular activities? skiing, dirtbiking, skydiving, scuba diving, reading about business or sports.
Y- Your favortite things about him? I love jons ability to be friends with everyone. He is the most caring person I know and doesn't judge anyone.
Z- Zodiac sign? Taurus

WEll there you have it my first Tag I finished! I tag Brittney, Jen, Jessica, and Amber!


Lacey said...

haha. I am so proud. *tear* :)

I thought if you were double tagged then you'd have no choice. My evil plan worked. muaw-ha-ha.

Chris Sarah and Charli Pugmire said...

It was fun learning a little more about him! What a sweet guy!

Donnie & Kylee said...

Thanks for playing Christi!! I really like reading these! :)

Tim and Jennifer said...

I can't believe this was the first tag you did. I'll be sure to tag you on my next one. We loved reading about Jon!

HomeschoolRulz3 said...

Okay, dumby here...what is a tag? I enjoyed ready about Jon. When you get back to Spanish Fork he'll have to go with Rick and Ricky dirt bike riding. We go at least twice a month.

Ry & Britt Devine said...

How does this tag thing work? I need some explaining....b/c I've never done it. So when exactly are you coming to NEWPORT? When will you have time to hang out? I'll try calling you so we can catch up and plan it out.

Class of 2008 said...

That was so fun to read. I hope you are having a great summer in NYC. We will have to get together when you get back.
Kim S.