Saturday, April 05, 2008


Jons work took us to Moab last weekend for some fun and training. Thursday everyone went on a hike to the arches and then we went to dinner and had a huge bon fire after. It was made of train track logs and was enormous. Friday everyone went Jeeping. I stayed back with a friend and got pedicures, went to lunch, and hung out by the pool. Jon came back early and took me on a short ride. From what I saw I am gald I didn't go. It was so scary. These Jeeps climb crazy straight up and down stuff and the are on trails that have cliffs on both sides. That night we went to a really good restaurant on top of a cliff with a wonderful view. They also had a wonderful speaker come and talk to us about relationships and how to support our husbands. It was really good. The next day all the wives had a meeting and they got us these cute journals and yummy girl scout cookies. They gave us some survival tips for the summer and how to have a good time and support our husbands. Anyway, Thanks Platinum it was tons of fun. Moab is beautiful.

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Chad & Jess said...

how fun! I wish we could have done that!