Saturday, March 29, 2008

Eater Weekend!!

This Easter was so fun because we had family in town. My aunt Becky and her family, My aunt Corrina, My cousin Jen and her family, and my cousin Ally. We had a delicious dinner, and yummy cake. We celebrated my cousin Grace's fifth birthday and she had a cute Hello Kitty cake. It was so fun and my uncle Justin kept us entertained and laughing the whole time. It was Jon's first time meeting my Uncle Justin and aunt Becky becuase they were living in Germany when we got married.
This week I took my eight hour test. I felt like I was in a cloud when I got done and like I had whip lash from looking down so long. The worst part is that I don't find out my score for 6 weeks so hopefully I passed. Hope all is well with everyone.


Lacey said...

Cute pics Christi! Missed you in class! (you didn't miss much. we went over the EXACT same Sealant Saturday junk that we go over EVERY MONDAY!)

Tim and Jennifer said...

THat picture of you and Jon is way cute! I look like a moose in your pics! :) Can't wait to see you. Call me if you need anything.

Chad & Jess said...

hey christi! how are you. I bet you are relieved to only have a few more weeks. I am glad you got to see some family. That cake is so cute! Hey I want to see more pics of your looks gorgeous! Love ya. Jess

Ry & Britt Devine said...

Hey!!!! I hope you pass your test too. Knowing you, you over-studied and stressed yourself over nothing b/c you always ace everything you touch. I'm still waiting to see more pic's of your house, but the few pic's I see, I love! I miss you so much.

The Thueson's said...


So this is for a few posts back, but I was in Cancun over Christmas too! Were you right in Cancun or in the outskirts?? That is funny. I wish we would of saw you guys!

Where are you guys going this summer again? I don't remember. When are you leaving?

Tara Thueson

corrine said...

cute christi! your treats look so yummy. you guys have such a fun life! and I want to see more pictures also!!