Friday, December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays

I love Christmas time. I was able to go visit my family down in AZ since I got done with my finals a week before Jon got done with his. I missed him tons but I sure had a nice visit with my family. Before I left we celebrated my birthday. Jon got me a beautiful diamond necklace. He is always full of suprises because he couldn't just give it to me instead he had the waiter bring it to me and sing me a romatic song in Italian. It was so sweet. Then we went to Jons work party and had so much fun. They are always so good to us. It was up at sundance. We had a delicious 4 course meal and lots of dancing and fun activities. We also moved into our new house so I took some pictures of our old house for the last time. We are still not all moved in but thats ok, it just takes so much time putting things away.
My trip to Az was so fun because I got to see all by brothers and sister and their kids. All the kids are growing so fast and they are all so dang cute. Thanks everyone for a fun week. WE will miss you at Christmas.
Jon and I are going to Cancun over Christmas. I am so excited because we have never been to the beach together and that is one of my favorite places to go. I will update you all when we get back but until then Merry Christmas!


Dan, Lydia, Kaitlyn said...

We're so happy you guys finally moved in! Kaitlyn keeps talking about Cooper eating her toes. Have fun in Cancun...see ya when you get back!

The Fuller Family said...

I miss Utah. It looks so pretty with all the snow. I am so happy for you that you are moved into your house. I remember you telling my you guys were planning to build it. Looks like you guys had a very merry christmas, take care.

Chad & Jess said...

Hey I love all those pics! Brings back memories of our short time together!