Thursday, October 11, 2007

Jons sisters wedding in Canada!

This past week Jon and I went to Canada for a quick trip to see his sister get married. It was such a beautiful wedding but not such a beautiful day since it was snowing tons! Anyways, we had fun visiting with everyone and are glad to welcome Kurtis to the family. He is such a neat guy. He and Lexi were so cute together. It was also Canadian Thanksgiving so Jons sister Cheryl had us over for a delicious turkey meal. Thanks Cheryl and Bob! We brought Cooper with us and our neices had so much fun with him. He is such a character. He always has to go everywhere with us like he is a child or somethings. Hahahah. Jon has also signed up for a Hockey league and plays every Monday night. It is fun to watch him because he loves it so much. Other than that we have both been busy busy busy with school and Jon with work. My good friend Corrine gets married next week and I am excited for that.


Tim and Jennifer said...

Cute outfits! The boots look good too! :)

Chad & Jess said...

oh that looks like it was so much fun. ok you need to have a baby already so you can quit spoiling your dog so much! seriously, did you fly him out to canada?!!!