Sunday, October 21, 2007

Corrines Wedding, House stuff, and Friends

Jon and I have been very busy with school as usual, but it was fun to have our friends Jared and Stephanie down from Canada last weekend to visit. We had a blast playing nintendo wii and shopping in Park City. That wii really gives you a workout. haha Oh ya, and as you can see Jon finally got his haircut. Yay. He looks so good.

One of my good friends, Corrine Foster, got married this weekend in the Salt Lake Temple. It was so neat and there was such a special spirit. Elder Tingey who is in the Quorum of the Seventy sealed them and he gave such wonderful advice that I won't forget. Anyway, It was a fun weekend and it was so good getting to spend time with Corrine and my other good friend Brittany. Congradulations Corrine and Alex! Your reception was beautiful.Thanks for everything.

There are also a few udated pictures of how our house is coming along. It's almost done so good thing since it has already started snowing and it is freezing.


Rachel Hagen said...

First things first. Jon's hair looks so good. Even if he is a little bitter towards me. Still. And what in the world are they playing with? I thought the Wii is like Nintendo. I don't get it. And I am so excited about your house. It's really coming along, it looks awesome.

Chad & Jess said...

your house is beautiful! i am glad you get to relax once in a while christi and hang out with friends!

jon & kara said...

You're house looks amazing! Where in Utah is it? You two look like you're always doing something fun.

The Rogers said...

Love the pictures! Let me know when you are ever back in Mesa so us three can go out again! Oh, and our blog is

Kina said...

you have been tagged. see my blog!

That slide show think is awesome! Looks like you guys are getting plently of wii action! Fun!! Oh, did I tell you that our house that we bought, I think it's Jared and Stephanie's ward.