Saturday, September 08, 2007

Byu Game and Friends

My Best friend Jade came to visit me in Utah this past weekend. We had so much fun. Went to the Brick Oven Friday night and it was so good. When we were getting ready to go to bed we got a big suprise. Jon wasn't supposed to be home until late Sunday night, but instead decided to suprise me by coming Friday night. The funny thing is I was telling Jade all day that I had a weird feeling that he was driving home that whole day. I am glad that Jon and Cooper are home safe. The next morning Jade and I hiked the Y and We all went to the BYU football game against UOA. It was great and we won. After that we met up with Carli "Heap" Turley and her husband Kurt at my favorite Italian place Ottavios. IT was delish. IT was fun catching up with everyone and to have my husband home.


Amber said...

glad to see John made it back to reality. Hope school is going good for you guys. Miss ya

Chris & Christy said...

Ahhh, that made me want to go hiking! Want to do it again?!? How fun would it be to get a bunch of us girls and go! Adellie, Amy, Carli...we gotta do it :)

Jessica Knight said...

Aw, you and Jadie are so cute! I'm glad you girls had a fun time together! I miss Brick Oven...mmm, so good!