Thursday, March 03, 2016

Swimming with Dolphins in Cozumel

While on our cruise I told Jon if we got the chance I would really like to swim with dolphins. I had done it several years ago when we were first married but lost all the pictures when our computer crashed. I have loved dolphins since I can remember and even wanted to be a marine biologist when I "grew" up.  Jon being the sweet husband he is obliged to my silly obsession with Dolphins and even came with me! The excitement I felt was tangible and we had a fun group of people along with us. It was a beautiful place in Cozumel right in the ocean and we had a blast petting, playing with, and even riding on the Dolphin holding its fins. At one point the trainer even had us pushed on a boogie board by the dolphin who put her nose on our feet. Noel was our Dolphins name and it was such an amazing experience to be with those majestic creatures. The Photographer forgot to take the mandatory pictures of Jon and felt bad so they let Jon swim with two Dolphins all by himself in addition to the time we spent with Noel. I was jealous to say the least but happy for him as the trainer shared extra information about the Dolphins.We also got to swim and feed the manatees. The are silly looking creatures, but very friendly. After swimming with the dolphins we walked over to see the cutest newborn dolphin swimming by it's mothers side, mimicking every move she made. The dolphin was only 3 weeks old and was the smallest dolphin I had ever seen. So glad we were there at that time to see all of that. Also thankful that we were able to enjoy that special time together.

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