Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Baby Sophia turns one!

Wow this year flew by and I feel like we just brought Sophia home. Sophia is truly a ray of sunshine! She has a personality larger than life and walks around admiring the world around her. She is a busy body but always stays close by her mom and dad. She loves to play with her siblings and joins in anything they are playing even if it is hockey or riding bikes. She loves the park and will climb up the steps to get to the tip top of the playground slide. This is scary but also fun to watch as she develops confidence in herself. She has a bright smile, curly blonde locks, blue eyes, and is still a tiny little thing. Everyone comments on how little she is. She always surprises people by all that she can do because she looks too young and little to be doing it. She hardly ever cries even though she is strong willed and will grunt and whimper to get her way. She does this when we say "no no Sophia". She is learning so much about the world around her and she loves to be outside soaking in the beauty and noise all around her. She has 6 teeth and that is about the only time she is crying is when she is teething or not feeling well. Sophia loves getting rides on the back of the big wheels from her siblings. She loves to swing and she loves to go fast down the slides. She is eating what we eat now, just all cut up into bite size pieces. She mostly loves pureed food packets though that gerber makes and I love them too because they are easy to take on the go. Sophia still loves her carseat and will take naps in it most the time because we are always picking up or dropping someone off. It has ruined her as far as naps at home because the only time I can get her to sleep is if I hold her or she is in her carseat. Sophia loves to give her daddy big hugs and kisses when he leaves and comes home from work. He soaks them up and thinks you are such a seer little princess. I have slowly started weening you from nursing because you like to bite when your teething but I still love that cuddle one on one time we get so I am having a hard time completely letting go of those feedings. You love to snuggle and bring things to show me. I love your little personality and we are so blessed to have you apart of our family. I definitely don't know how I got so lucky to have such a special spirit as yours but I can't be grateful enough for you Sophia!

For Sophia's birthday we celebrated by eating at gecko's mexican Grill. They brought sophia a fun dessert and we sang happy birthday to her! The week of her birthday was Thanksgiving and so we did a lot of activities and had fun with family. On Sunday the 29th was your actual birthday! It is always a bitter sweet day when I see you growing up but I am also so happy for the growth and learning I get to see happen. We opened presents with you as a family and then we went to Grandma Curtis' for dinner and dessert with cousins. They all sang happy birthday to you and you soaked it all in. You loved all the fun new toys you got and were our birthday princess for the day!

 Bailey gave you a stuffed unicorn named Fantasia

 Wyatt was excited to give you the soccer ball he picked out for you

 Bentley got you a minnie mouse doll and soft blanket

 You also got a play cell phone which you love to walk around with and pretend to have conversations with people. Its so cute!

 Gecko's Grill with the family
 Park time is your favorite

 Playing peek a boo and trying to give daddy kisses through the slat.

 At sycamore Creek riding motorcycles and hanging out in the beautiful weather. We sang happy birthday to you here as well so aunt Heidi and those who would be gone Sunday could celebrate with you!

 My Sweet angel girl on her birthday

 Princess Sophia

 You were so delicate in how you were eating your cake so dad helped you out!

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