Sunday, October 04, 2015

September break down

Bentley is doing well in school and is top in his class. He continues to work hard and be a great reader, math facts wizard ( as they call it in school), and writer. He loves playing football and is a flag pulling machine. He is thoughtful, and sensitive, and wants to choose the right. He feels bad when he has hurt anyones feelings or made a bad choice. I am grateful he realizes when he has done so and is quick to say he is sorry or make things right. I love this growing boy of mine and have fun teaching him and watching him learn.
Bentley has a new love for building forts in our living room. He was so proud so I had to snap a picture.
 Bentley is such a great brother and friend to all around him.
 This month Bentley lost his two top teeth. I can't help but sing the song "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth"... He is still handsome as ever and loved getting the money from the tooth fairy!

Bailey is a great helper and she came up with the idea to make chocolate strawberries all by herself! They were delicious and she was so proud. Bailey loves playing with her siblings and is a busy body. She keeps me going, but I love her and her sweet presence in our home. She has a silly side too that makes me laugh often and of course a sassy sad that makes me want to cry every now and then. She can be strong willed but I know that everything has a learning curve and she is just growing and testing her limits.
 Bailey has started gymnastics and her coach says she is doing well!
 Bailey wants to learn her kart wheel and to do a back bend.
 Bailey is really learning so much already this school year. She knows how to spell, and write her name! This was hard for her but she didn't give up and her is a picture of her showing me.
 Bailey's teachers tell me what a joy she is to have in their classes. She is always meeting new friends. At first the two preschools was tiring she said, but now she enjoys going to both and I can tell she is really benefitting from all the hard work!
 This month Jon was in charge of the Daddy Daughter campout and breakfast.
He took Bailey and they had a blast as always. 
 Jon said he enjoyed spending the one on one time with Bailey and that she asked him very intuitive questions on their drive up to Payson. They both share a love of sour worm candy, pickles, and salt and vinegar chips.
 Bailey loves being treated to McDonalds and getting the cool toys!

Having fun with Grandma and Uncle Collin!
 Bentley had a blast going with grandma Curtis and Collin to the Mountain View Toro's Football game!
 I love baking and here is an apple pie I made!
 Bailey was so excited to meet her new cousin Rosemary. Her she is with Aunt's Jessica, and Kelsey
 My mom holding sweet Rosemary
 My dad holding his newest Granddaughter Rosemary
 Jon and I on a date to see the broadway Wicked. It's one of my favorites!
 Some of our family that was at Wicked with us!

We had fun as a family going to the park to play one Saturday. We had to do a chop chop train picture!

Sophia wasn't having it!
 The kids had fun making peach/raspberry jam with Grandma Curtis. They also painted with cousins.
 Here are the kids with my mom and their Great Grandma Curtis. My mom had a BBQ on Labor Day and invited us all. We enjoyed good food and company. She also made her homemade peach ice cream and peach cobbler!
 Bailey was a sweetheart and wanted to make a treat for our family all by herself. I think she did a great job with these chocolate covered strawberries and everyone thought they were yummy!
 Bentley, Sophia,and Wyatt got to go to a fun birthday party with a lot of kids to play with and things to do!
 We enjoyed an afternoon movies with cousins, and uncle Collin!

Wyatt is growing into his body and looking too much like a big boy for my liking. He started preschool and has really gained a lot of confidence and is learning so much. He comes home singing songs, tries to learn Bailey's poems with her, and he tells me about play time. He also tells me about the new friends he is making and about the nice teachers he has. He started playing in a little soccer league with his best buddy Brady White. They are so cute to watch and have so much excitement for the game. His favorite color is still green, and he loves playing with ninja turtles. He is a good helper and asks me to call him Handy Manny somedays. He loves the cartoons Daniel Tiger and Handy Manny ( the guy that likes to fix things). He is doing so well at soccer and is easily coached. His smile is bright and lightens any room. You are good to your little sister Sophia and you like to try and hang out with Bentley and his friends when they are over. You are a great example in Nursery since you are one of the oldest and your leaders love you!

We had a fun game night with friends. I am never very good at cards and here I am with my good friend Chelsea holding up are almost last place awards. Jon however did great and won a gift card to Red Robin. I learned a lot and can hopefully do better next time!

Sophia has really started showing her personality. She has always been sweet but is turning into such a curious girl and quick learner.  She likes to be around her family no matter what we are doing. She likes to "help" and gives us big smiles when we include her in activities she is too small for like coloring, fixing the tv, and cooking. She is now 10 months old and has had four teeth come in over the last month. It's made her cranky at times but overall she is all smiles, giggles, and coo's. She has bright blue eyes and her hair is growing quite a bit. It has a beautiful natural curl and it makes you look less like a baby. Although I am side the newborn phase is coming to an end, it is fun to see her learn so much. She gets around fast and is starting to try and stand on her own. She loves animals and they love her. I have never seen a child love water so much.... whether she is taking a bath, swimming, at the lake, at the beach, or just drinking it, she is in heaven. She is such a joy!

We recently bought the kids a PW50. It is a little motorcycle for them to learn on. We have had so much fun watching them ride it! They also got to pick out the helmet, gloves, and goggles to go with. Bentley cruises around on it pretty well. Bailey is cautious, and Wyatt still needs our help.

School Picture day came and went and here are a few pictures I snapped of Wyatt and Bailey that day.

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