Monday, April 02, 2012

Random Pics and St. Patricks Day!

I got up from a nap one day and Bentley had lined his cars all along the stairs. I thought it was so cute. sometimes he organizes them into colors as well.!
My baby is looking all grown up these days. He is becoming a great help to me and is so kind to his sister.... most days:)
Bailey loves to follow me around and copy whatever I am doing. She is my sweetie pie!

Bentley is a smarty! He loves to read and practice his letters, shapes, colors, and numbers all the time.
Bailey playing with her cousin Colby
she is a dipper and loves ranch and hot sauce.

Our princess before church. She loves getting ready like mom and getting her hair done and putting on her jewelry.
st. patricks day green:)
My sassy sweet girl!
St. Patricks day Green on the Bentley boy!

We were really low key this year and I didn't do much at all except dress everyone in green for St. Patricks day. The kids and I met a friend of mine at the park and then we went and got Ice cream at the Orange Patch. It was so delicious and I had tons of fun catching up with my good friend Kelsey. I got to meet her new little boy and the kids had a blast playing. We didn't get out much during March because I was nine months pregnant and sore as can be. Here are a few pics of our month... before baby Wyatt made is debut!!

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