Sunday, November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We've had such a fun October. Bentley is learning so much and I am just trying to keep up with him. He loves to crawl around fast following us wherever I'm cleaning or Jon is working. He loves to play the piano and sing (chatter) loudly. He loves people and will study your face if you are new to him. He is so much fun to have around and we just love him to pieces.
We dressed him up as a St. Bernard puppy for Halloween. We took him over to my parents neighborhood party for some fun games, food, dancing, and friends. We had such a great time and can't wait for next year. Bentley and Collin went around the block when the party was over and had fun trick or Treating. Bentley even had his first sucker much to his dads dismay. He loved watching all the little kids and seeing the scary decor.

Bentley with all the goods. He was hitting his pumpkin and shaking all the candy out

I was throwing Bentley in the air and he was laughing so hard. I love him so much.

Bentley was itching his ears after I took his hood off. Look at those beautiful baby blues.

Bentley was having fun dancing with everyone.

Our little puppy.

Jon and Bentley by this cool costume. It was the house from the kids movie up. The guy that made it was an engineer and did such a great job.

Bentley with Grandma and Grandpa Curtis

My sister Heidi was Taylor Swift but she is not wearing her guitar my mom made her in this picture.

Kyle and Kelsey with our ST. Bernard

Collin with all the crowd doing YMCA dance! what a classic

Bentley with all the finished pumpkins

My two cute boys on halloween!

Bentley attacking his pumpkin

Our little family! I was the first to start carving my pumpkin and the last one to finish. I was happy with the end result monster

Bentley and I before carving the pumpkin grandma got us.

Bentley loved his pumpkin and being outside.


Logan and Lisa said...

Bentley's outfit was so cute. Looks like you guys had a fun Halloween.


Candace Heyman said...

I love the doggy outfit. Darling.

Brett and Rachel said...

Ok, that pic of you and Bently with the pumpkin is so dang cute!

HomeschoolRulz3 said...

The picture with you and Bently and the pumpkin should get framed! Awesome.

Jodi and Shaun said...

Those pictures of Bentley are so cute!! I especially love the pumpkin ones! He's getting so big!