Monday, August 17, 2009

Busy Boy

This month has been busy. Bentley is forced to run random errands with me and attend different functions with me. I have been busy keeping up with work and my motherly duties and Jon has been busy with his work as well. We are excited for the upcoming weddings of my brother Kyle to Kelsey and my cousin alli to her fiance. I love being around family and can't wait until Chad and Jess get here to make it complete.

Bentley loves to stand up next to his crib or the couch or whatever it may be. He hates laying down(which isn't always a good thing) and will try his hardest to get himself up.

Bentley loves his dads work chair. He likes to be spun around and likes to play with a certain orange highlighter Jon has.

I love the shirt he has on. It says small but mighty. Bentley is so strong and can pull him self up and bounce really high in his jumper and exersaucer. He is a tall boy but normal in his weight and head size.

Bentley has been busy attending bridal showers with me this month since my brother is getting married and so is my cousin Alli. He is such a trooper and usually does great running errands with me. He loves new places and seeing new faces except sometimes he becomes overwhelmed by it all and starts frantically crying.

Bentley Loves our Dogs Cooper and Maverick. When he heres there paws clicking and coming closer he stretches his neck all around to see where there at. He also trys to reach down and touch them.


Julz said...

He just keeps getting cuter!

Heidi said...

ahh!!!!! He is the CUTEST boy ever i love all the pictures.

Chad and Jess said...

yes things will be complete once we are there! bentley is so cute.

Cheryl said...

He is getting so big and starting to lose the baby look. He is a handsome little man now. I can't wait to see you guys, we really miss you.