Monday, June 22, 2009

Newport Beach with the family!!!!

We took a wonderful trip to Newport with my family and had a blast. We did lots of fun things like run/walk on the beach, go for bike rides, boogie board, go out to eat, shop, go to knotts berry farm theme park, play games, and relax. I also got to see my wonderful friend Britney while I was there. She is such a sweetheart and I admire her very much. It was hard to return home. Thanks mom and dad for such a fun, and amazing trip.

Benltey after his bath. We got all the sand out of his toes and bum because dad buried him up to his chest in the sand. I got it on video and he actually really loved it, he was just really messy when Jon was done. I will have to figure out how to put the vido on here.

Cute cousin Belle Belle

My mom and all her grandkids. We were celebrating her birthday!

Two week old little baby chaddy. We were so glad Chad and Jess brought there family to see us. They decided last minute but we are glad they did!

My beautiful Mom on her birthday. She is so selfless and is always doing so much for our family. We love her so much. Bentley just seeks her out when she's in the room.

Amazing shot of the temple

The three amigos: Brody, collin, and tate

Me, my mom, and heidi

My beautiful sister Heidi

Sweet Bentley!

One of our traditions when we go to Newport is visiting the temple there and having a picnic at the beautiful parks nearby. California does a great job at taking care of their parks and they are all so green. We ate lunch and played woofel ball, football, and the kids played on the playground. Here are also some family shots we took on the temple grounds.

Here are some pics of us on the beach after church and also at a beautiful park we went and had a picnic at.

Jon and I enjoying the beach together!

The boys went and caught starfish and crabs in the rocks. It was fun to examine them up close and then throw them back to there home in the ocean. Bentley sat in his bumbo chair or on my lap most of the time and loved every minute of the beach. He did take a nap on the beach a couple of times though and I think the ocean breeze calmed him. Heidi and my brothers went boogie boarding with Jon. They all had such a great time. Jon enjoyed laying out and of course the picture wouldn't be complete without him talking on his phone {:

Our first day on the beach with Bentley. He loved it. Bentley was mezmorized by the waves and loved squeezing the sand through his tiny toes. Jon got right in the water and started boogie boarding. It was his first time and he had a blast.


Ian and Kristin said...

What a fun trip! That is pretty cool that everyone was there, how neat. I can't believe how big Bentley is getting! They grow up so fast don't they? How's work going for you? How's Jon's business? I miss you!

Rachel Miller said...

It seems like you had a great time! I bet the weather was beautiful! I can't believe how quickly our boys are growing! It makes me sad :(

Tim and Jennifer said...

Your red dress is sooo pretty! I like your hair that color too. What a fun time!

Chad and Jess said...

Nice purple shirt Jon! Whats next, a pink bike?!

Anderson Adventures said...

haha! Thanks chad and jess. I will never forget seeing him on heidi's pink bike in a purple shirt with bentley strapped to his chest. Great Memories. WE miss youguys

The Fuller Family said...

I love Newport. I can't wait to go in August. Miss you guys. Are you ever going tom ove back to Utah?