Thursday, February 26, 2009

Week two with Bentley! 4th Anniversary!

This week has been quite eventful! On Thursday and Friday last week I attended the Utah dental convention. it was so fun to see my friends and old classmates but it definately took a toll on my post pardom healing body. On Saturday and Sunday i got really sick with a slight fever and nursing had never been so hard. Bentley is such a good boy though and now we are back on track with his feedings. I am feeling much better now as well. On Tuesday Jon and I took Bentley for his first picnic and fishing trip. However, there wasn"t much fishing to do since everything was covered in snow. We thought since it warmed up so much it should be safe to go but after getting stuck in the snow we opted to just have our picnic. Jon still pulled out his fishing pole and practiced casting in the parking lot. it was pretty funny to watch. On Wednesday I took Bentley to his doctors appt. and everything looks good. He has gained a pound and is a half an inch taller. He really is literally growing so fast. I bet he will be tall. Bentley is so curious and loves bright lights. As soon as the sun comes up, he is drawn to the windows and will not fall back asleep. He is so much fun and I couldn't ask for a sweeter little angel.
Jon and I celebrated our 4th anniversary on Wen. as well. Jon got me a salon gift card so I went to get my hair done. He is so sweet and stayed home with Bentley. Later we had a romantic dinner the three of us. Time has flown by so fast and I love Jon more with each day. He is so thoughtful, selfless, hardworking, caring, handsome, spiritual, and much more. Love you babe.


Brooke said...

Bentley looks cute. Congradulations on the 4th Anniversary. Jennifer helped me sign up a google account. Also I can see her now through the webcam. Love you both.


Saedi Oldham said...

Holy cow, he has changed already with just one week! What an adorable little guy you have, I just want to squeeze him!

Tim and Jennifer said...

Keep the pics coming! He looks like Jon through the eyes. Happy 4th too. Wow, we are getting old! Wish I could be there to see him.

The McKnights said...

I can't believe it's been four years! That's awesome! Bentley is too adorable, I can't wait to see him! My mom said you'll be here tomorrow right? I'm not feelng the greatest right now but I'm hoping it's over before you leave cuz I want to see and hold him so bad!