Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sorry still no pics

I still haven't got Jons phone away from him long enough to download the pictures we have taken lately but I promise it will be soon. Life here in New York has been a blast, but a bit challenging at times, so I am definately ready to get back home!!!!! Unfortunatley I still have a month in DC before that happens but I think it will be a fun change anyway. I enjoy reading everyones blogs and so much is going on with new babies, jobs, moves. etc. Keep them coming. I have just been keeping busy hanging out with my dogs and working in the Office for Jons work. I am glad for the job because I was starting to get really bored. I really want to go see sister hood of the traveling pants and Mamma Mia but I don't ever have a car so it makes it tough to get there unless I want to take the bus.... so if anyone has seen those movies let me know how they were so I know if it is worth it to take the bus. I also attented the opening party of The Breaking Dawn and Jon was kind enough to go with me. The Borders I went to didn't have as many crazy people as some I saw on your blogs but I definatley felt out of place with all the screaming teenage girls. Jon that they were psycho. I loved the book and was extremely happy with the way things ended. Now I am like many of you and need to find a new book to read!
Jon and I went to this Cute Park in New York on Sunday and the weather was amazing. We stopped to get lunch at this wonderful burger place called the shake shack. The line was huge but we heard it was worth the wait and it was. The burgers were fresh and delicious like IN N Out for you westerners and the fries and milk shakes were so good too!


Lydia said...

Your comment on my blog made me laugh, you're probably just a little extra emotional or something. Well I'm sad you're extending, but glad that you'll be coming back a little early. Steal that phone and upload some new pics!

Kylee & Donnie said...

Glad to hear your doing good! I saw Mamma Mia and I liked it but it was pretty wacky! We have to get everyone together when you get back to Provo!

The Hanveys said...

If you're looking for a good book to read, I've heard Meyer's other book, The Host, is really good. I just started reading it and so far so good! :)