Monday, January 22, 2007

Christmas in Arizona

These are some pics of us at Christmas. We spent christmas in Mesa, AZ with Christi's family. It was alot of fun; we went dirtbiking, horseback riding, and watched some great football games. The pictures are Christi and I with our nephew Tate, he's a stud! Also Christi's oldest brother, Mike, and Tate's older brother Brody. The last pictureis Christi and I in front of the tree on sunday.


chumly said...

Talk about football. How about them Colts?

Byron & Sommer Hendershott said...

Hey Christi- It is so fun to see people I know on here! Looks like you guys are doing really well- we will have to keep in touch :-)

Rachel said...

Hey Christi! It's Rachel Decker (obviously now Hagen), hope things are going well. It's fun to read about how everyone's doing. We'll keep in touch!